What’s Your Morning Routine?

Yesterday Jeff Goins had a post about the necessity of routines. {If you don’t read Jeff’s blog, you should.} I found it to be helpful for two reasons:

1. I think self-examination reaps incredible benefits. It’s so easy to get into a pattern of life and to be completely blind to the fruit it is bearing. After reading Jeff’s post, I realized I have a routine. The only question is it intentional? Is it producing what I desire?

2. Routines are wonderful indicators of priorities. In slowing down to examine how I spend my morning, I was able to see where the things I value are {and are not} finding an expression in this one area of my day. Jeff spoke in his post about the value of discipline. The self-examination of my morning routine helped me to see a few areas where greater discipline could better express the ideals and values that my heart treasures.

Jeff invited others to share what their morning routine looks like. I enjoyed reading these comments. They reminded me how diverse we all are and the importance of offering our unique {even if quirky} approach to life.

So here’s what I placed in the comments of his blog for my morning routine:

1. Play possum while the dogs wake up husband at 4am.
2. At 4:30am, husband delivers cup of coffee to bedside (I.V. drip not available), kiss him goodbye, and tell him to “drive carefully” as he leaves for work. I know, it seems ordinary, but it’s a lot of work for me at that hour.
3. Sip coffee slowly, awaiting jolt that never hits.
4. When I can recall what day it is, I read the Bible (Professor Horner’s Daily Reading Plan.) Pause. Meditate. Pray.
5. More coffee is needed by 6am, so I stumble down to the kitchen for another hit. Wonder which teenager set off a bomb in the kitchen overnight.
6. Smile when the sunrise breaks through the window–there will be mercies for another day! I will need them.
7. Read. Write. Check out the rest of the world via Twitter, email, news feeds, and blogs. Review daily calendar.
7a. At least three days a week, take a phone call from sister on east coast who has been waiting for the left coast to wake up. {…and I like these phone calls so said sister shouldn’t feel guilty when reading this.}
8. Panic that I’ve read too long and will be late for 9:00 appointment.
9. Shower. Change three times before settling on a very unimpressive fashion effort.
10. Eat breakfast to the echo of Aragon’s words, “We do not stop ’til nightfall!” Shucks, no second breakfast for me.

What about you? What is your morning routine? What’s the one thing that must happen in order for your day to get off on the right foot? Comment box is open…teach me what makes your morning amazing.

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