For When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Every now and again I run across a blog post that is so right on, so moving, so challenging that it must be shared. Jennifer Dukes Lee writes an incredible post on what to do with our theology when prayers aren’t answer like we wished and suffering continues.

Listen and think deeply about these words she wrote:

Good theology doesn’t evaporate — even if faith gets bruised — because truth is still truth. God has still very much got it. Our Gospel is not rooted in prosperity, but in a place of suffering: the Calvary cross. 

The Christian faith is not about getting one’s way. Even if our resolve is dented, our God is not. In drought, or storm, or cancer, or death, God still is.

Faith is not believing in a false promise of prosperity, but in the abiding presence of Christ. (Jennifer Dukes Lee)

I’m thinking about all the times when I have felt let down by God because things didn’t go my way or I didn’t get what I wanted. Maybe God allows suffering to continue in our lives so that we’ll finally want Jesus more than we want all the other stuff. Unfavorably answered prayers and suffering have certainly begun to work that fruit in my life. So many of my disappointments have been tended mercifully by the truth, “Jesus is sufficient.” Yes, yes He is.

Please go read the rest of Jennifer’s post: Faith, Miracles, and Modern-Day Fools. Jennifer and her husband (a farmer) have been personally effected by the drought. I am confident her words will speak to you and minister to your heart.

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