The Invitation is Imitation {Margaret Feinberg Quotable}

I think giving is a lot like prayer. It doesn’t change God. It changes us.

When was the last time you gave a gift that made a difference in the life of someone else? Odds are that you walked away with a sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy…God didn’t just give to us, but he also hardwired us to give.

The invitation to give extends beyond name-brand purchases and well-wrapped gifts…We are invited to be generous in our relationships.

The invitation is imitation.

God demonstrated how he wants us to live through Jesus, not as people living merely for ourselves, but as those living for something greater. We are generous in our relationships when we choose inclusion over exclusion, forgiveness over a grudge, and righteousness over merely being right. In our relationships, we get down and dirty in the practice of giving. In our relationships, we are given another opportunity to reflect and further resemble God. ~Margaret Feinberg, Organic God.

As you begin a new week, consider who needs your relational generosity.

My observation is that we’ve become overly protective in our relationships: Waiting for others to make the first move. Hiding behind Facebook platitudes. Acting disinterested to cover the fear of rejection. I struggle with all these things too.

Image-bearing calls us to big giving.

Yesterday as I was exiting church, I received the biggest hug from someone I wouldn’t say I know well. There was nothing stand-offish or insincere about it. Everything about that very big hug said, “I’m going out on a line to make sure you know I’m genuinely glad you are a small part of my day. You matter.” I received it as a gift from the Lord. The invitation is indeed imitation!

Who is relationally generous with you? How do they demonstrate it?

How and with whom can you be generous today?

[This quote is from Margaret Feinberg’s Organic GodI’m on my second read of it and being just as challenged as the first time. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you get to it. Pronto.]

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