Your Peace Will Come {For when hearts and relationships are broken}

Where is God and what is He doing? Why does He let it all continue? Why won’t He hold out His hand as He did against the raging Red Sea and hold back the waters so that His people can go free? Surely He doesn’t want families, friends, churches—any of His people–in bondage to the chains of bitterness, unforgiveness, and disunity. Will the fighting ever end?

These thoughts once again fuel my morning exercise routine. Through my headset, I hear the words of truth sung by Shaun Groves align to the rhythm of my jogging pace, “ Oh, God what do we see and hear? Your kingdom coming.
 Oh, God why do we bleed and fear
? Your kingdom coming?”

Where is the wisdom of Solomon now? “Let it come in us. Let it come through us-“

You recall the story of Solomon and the two mothers fighting over the right to one baby. Only at the threat of the sword did wisdom rule. And yet, today, it feels that the sword hold so little threat. We choose being right over relational life. “‘Til the sword is spared.”

”And the bread is shared.” I’ve shared this bread before.

There was a time when I was stung in the deepest places with insult and rejection by others. Most moments it hurt to breath in their presence. I remember crying out for wisdom and peace. Then there I was, with the bread and cup in front of me and the familiar voice of the All Wise One whispering, “Share the bread with them.”  No! I can’t! I won’t! I’d rather die. “‘Til the dying’s done.”

         “Let your kingdom come
. ‘Til the rich ones give. And the poor ones live
. ‘Til the weak are strong.
 Let your kingdom come.”

I did share the bread with those who had done violence against my heart.  It was one of the hardest things I ever did. It was also one of the most transformative things I’ve done, because I learned that at The Table there is no more profound brokenness than the one represented by bread. There’s no hurt deeper than the cup Christ drank for me. Christ’s brokenness for our restoration and reconciliation will always be greater and more powerful than any brokenness we find in our hearts or in our relationships.

All the stuff that aches and pains us is silenced by the love, mercy, healing, and forgiveness made possible by the bread and the cup. All the differences that break us can be gathered and made whole around the very thing, the only Person, who can unite us.

And while at the time I had felt that I had lost all dignity and value, the Lord reminded me through that humbling obedience that as long as I hold the bread and the cup in my hands, I will have everything I ever need. Sometimes the only reconciliation the heart really needs is to taste of the power found only in the blood.

“Oh, God what do we pray down here?
 Your kingdom coming
. Oh, God why do we slave through tears? Your kingdom coming.”

Do you find yourself at the throne of grace pleading for reconciliation? Are you pleading for a judgment in your favor? Come to The Table together; it, not the threat of Solomon’s sword, is the wisdom of God.

Are you hurt? Feeling abandoned? Misunderstood? Rejected? Come to The Table. Lay it all down there and pick up remembrances of His healing, love, and acceptance and receive the grace you need to share it with others. Let it be the only thing that matters.

“Let it come in us. Let it come through us- Oh, God what do we pray down here
? Your kingdom coming. Your mercy come. Your justice come
. Your will be done through us on earth
.Your healing come. 
Your peace will come
. Your will be done through us on earth.”

Yes, Lord, let your peace come!

[Of late I have been richly blessed by the music ministry of Shaun Groves whose song “Kingdom Coming” is quoted above. You can listen to the song here, which includes a link to his album on iTunes. You can also find Shaun on Twitter.]

7 thoughts on “Your Peace Will Come {For when hearts and relationships are broken}

    • Ah, thanks Sabrina. Jesus is a wonderful voice to hear…I’m glad you were able to catch remembrances of His voice through this post. That’s humbling.

    • Thank you, Tanya. Yes, I agree–I am always amazed by the power of God revealed in acts of humble forgiveness. I’m glad you found my blog. I look forward to connecting! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

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