Music for the Heart {To What are You Listening?}

My heart needs frequent reminders of who I am and who is God. Music has been a meaningful way of connecting to God for me. Through music I’m able to let me thoughts drift from troubling or trivial circumstances until they find themselves lost in words and melodies of truth and love. Worship is a comforting dwelling place.

I thought I would share with you the albums on tap in my itunes which are currently nourishing my heart…

1. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman {Worship at its best.}

2. Third World Symphony by Shaun Groves {Soul stirring and heart anchoring.}

3. The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North {Losing gets me every time…such a beautiful prayer.}

4. Everything Sad is Coming Untrue by Jason Gray {His album A Way to See in the Dark is amazing too.}

5. This is What We Believe by Aaron Shust {Rich, rich truth in these songs.}

6. Ghosts Upon the Earth by Gungor {I thought that there was no way for them to match the artistry of their album Beautiful Things…but they did.}

7. Season One by All Sons and Daughters {Perfection!}

8. Shine Through the Stars by Chasen {Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know it’s an old album but it still moves me.}

9. Come to the Well by Casting Crowns {I love how so many of these songs draw me right back into the stories of Jesus and remind me of the beauty of His love.}

10. Requiem by Conspirare and Craig Hella Johnson {This is crazy, beautiful, soul stirring music…but it won’t be for everyone.}

And of courseI I’m never far from a Rolling Stones or Pearl Jam or Mates of State album, but that’s another post. It’s I’m complicated.

To what are you listening? I’d love some recommendations.

1 thought on “Music for the Heart {To What are You Listening?}

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly! That is why I make K-LOVE Radio, and its companion iPhone app the soundtrack of my life. Most of the songs you listed are familiar from that medium. There is no more empowering sound than the praise of God which He inhabits! (Check it out at

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