No Filter Friday {Winning Something, Snoring, and Sleepwalking Dogs}

Oh Friday, I have longed for you to come and free me!  Warning: It’s been a weird week, this little mind dump could be interesting.

Republican National Convention: Did you watch that? I did until I couldn’t stomach anymore. The religious angle just made my head hurt…and my skin got itchy.

I won something! I won something! I still can barely believe it…I never win anything, but this week I won a free book from Englewood Review of Books. I told a friend, “It’s probably a scam.” I thought so too at first…but really, I don’t think so. Let me have my day in the sun and enjoy the book I WON!

Pop Sugar: My monthly Pop Sugar Box for August came on Wednesday. Behold my soul. I just love this little surprise box. My favorite item this month was the shatterproof Govino Wine Glasses. Seriously, I am planning some kind of picnic outside just to use these things…I don’t care how frickin’ hot it is.

Speaking of hot. PLEASE SEND THE KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL ALREADY. Please, I beg you. It’s the only way I know to get the big boy to change out of his pajamas.

Speaking of begging. Dieting is teaching me so much about myself. Foremost, I really love food. How can a foodie be a skinny? I want the answer, people! I am bound and chained to the most boring foods right now. I don’t even think my dogs would eat this stuff. I wade through the meals looking at color pictures in recipe books/magazines and pretend I am eating what I see. It’s dreadful. But tonight, we I am celebrating that next week is back to school so the family will be dining at Eatalian. {Cue Handel’s Messiah} If you live in the South Bay and haven’t eaten there yet, you are missing out. You really haven’t had Italian food lived until you’ve had their lasagna and pizza and gelato and…Seriously go, but not tonight because if there’s a long line when we get there it’s going to get ugly.

Three-day weekend is almost here. I can’t quite express the joy of having my hubby home for three days. He has had a month of work crisis and has been keeping the longest hours. I miss him. Pretty much all I’ve enjoyed of him over the last month is his snoring. Yeah, it’s the cue that signals he has arrived home safe and sound…but come on, that cacophony really needs to be offset with a few hours of shared smiles, stories, and laughs. Could you pray for his healing? Now I’m probably in trouble for saying that. I don’t think he reads this blog, but I’m fairly convinced he has secret blog police who rat me out if I mention him. I’m sorry, honey, it’s No Filter Friday and clearly your snoring is no respecter of filters.

A month ago we went from three dogs {marginally normal for an American nuclear family} to four dogs {only crazy people have four dogs, it’s true}. While we adore each individual dog, together they are a force of nature. This week, the male basset hound has taken up sleep walking. Truly. He paces and bumps into the walls. When I touch him, he startles awake and looks at me suspiciously like I’ve committed an injustice against him. What in the world is going on here? We’re going on three nights in a row. “Deliver my soul from the sword, my life from the power of the dog!” (Psalm 22:20).

Live freely today, friends! Speak honestly, walking barefoot with your words. Laugh until it becomes contagious. Don’t take yourself {or others} too seriously. Love one another generously. Make it a great weekend!


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