An Open Invitation to Grow {Free opportunity to deepen leadership ‘skills’}


Hi friends,    You already know I make shameless plugs for things I’m excited about…so, here goes.    A few weeks ago I finally picked up a book on ‘leadership’ called Spiritual Influence, by Mel Lawrenz (here is the link to Amazon…I put … Continue reading

No Filter Friday {Groupon, Cricket Sandwiches, Wounded Masculinity, Prozac and Politics}


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*Note: Read to the end. There are bonus points to be given away in the last paragraph.  Oh to read another’s thought bubble. Well, each and every Friday is your lucky, filter-free day!  What’s the deal with Groupon? Why do … Continue reading

Crazy, Beautiful Things {A Poem for your Saturday}


Today’s supposed to be a Saturday with Karl {Barth} post, but…well, I have a headache–pounding-throbbing-won’t-surrender headache–and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that is the wrong condition by which to approach time with the esteemed Karl. So next … Continue reading