50 Things I Love to Do

There are times when life can feel like you’re holding a rotten potato. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes through choices of our own, other times through insensitive or sinful choices of others, we find ourselves in a valley where all we hear are the echoes of “Why me?” and “What now?” In this valley, it is far too easy to drink from wells of self-pity and far too hard to nourish ourselves with gratitude. Nothing drowns out thanksgiving’s chorus like a reprise of of all that seems missing in life.

In the last week, I have recommended to others  {in what feels like no less than 100 times} for them to remember and in engage in the things they love as a means of recalibrating their hearts to enjoy all that God has for them in the spacious space {yes, it’s spacious} he has them in. Yes, I know the past has losses; the future has unknowns. But God is here in the present and he has given us things to love as a means of enjoying him as the Father of all good things. He delights in our gratitude for the gifts he gives, like any parent does.

I was thinking and praying for some of my friends this morning who feel like their lives are defined more by their losses {or by what they never had} than by who God has been and is to them. I prayed that God would refresh their hearts with good gifts and grateful smiles; that he would renew their hope in his love and goodness to them. It hit me, this is a good exercise for all of us. We should all frequently recount the things we love to do and get caught up in the motion of enjoying those things as an act of worship; to let thankful lives make harmony with joy.

So I’m beginning my week with a list: 50 Things I Love to Do–

  1. Watch the sun rise
  2. Enjoy my my husband–seriously, I like his smile, his laugh, his witty comments, and the fact that he still reads the Seattle Times every day even though we moved to Los Angeles seventeen years ago. He is one faithful dude.
  3. Spending time with my boys–I so love them, messy rooms and all.
  4. Chilling with the Basset Hounds. Okay, I know they’re slobbery and stinky and loud, but my heart just doesn’t beat right without them in my life. Love me, love my dogs.
  5. The B-I-B-L-E. yes, that’s the book for me. I know it sounds old fashioned, but that book rocks my world…every day.
  6. Listening to music. Any kind, really, but the morning isn’t complete without some good worship music.
  7. Collecting and reading old books. Especially if it was authored by a theologian.
  8. Listening to stories. I love hearing people’s stories.
  9. Listening to friends. I like listening to people…even people I don’t know. All right, I know that’s technically eavesdropping, but man, people have great stories.
  10. Spending time with friends. Food with friends. Bible study with friends. Art with friends. Long conversations with friends. Shopping with friends. Well, I guess I love my friends and I don’t really care what it is we do together.
  11. Drinking wine. Dark and red. Right now my favorite is Saarloos and Sons. My honey and I discovered them on a little wine tour not long ago. Not only do they make great wine, they tell great stories to go along with it.
  12. Watching Mad Men. Don’t judge.
  13. Watching Downton Abbey. It’s been such a long wait…please Season Three, hurry!
  14. Reading books. I kind of already said this, but I like all books not just old ones.
  15. Exploring museums, especially art museums. Somebody has to, right?
  16. Running Jogging {probably a more accurate representation}. Several years ago I hurt my neck my son tackled me playing football and subsequently running has been painful. But lately I’ve been pushing through the discomfort and am loving getting some whoosh back in my hooves.
  17. Wearing my for 12th man jersey for the Seattle Seahawks–maybe this year we’ll look like a real football team.
  18. Cheering for Dodgers baseball {and the eating my obligatory Dodger Dog}
  19. Watching Nebraska football–it reminds me of my grandpa and I loved that man.
  20. Making exotic s’mores…yes, there are many possibilities for this little dessert sandwich.
  21. Hiking in beautiful places with beautifully-hearted people.
  22. Spending time with my family…all of them, they are quirky in the most wonderful of ways and seriously some of the best charactered people I know. They dig down deep and do hard things and love people faithfully, honestly, and without regard for the sacrifices they will have to make to do that.
  23. Sipping coffee…daily, like a religion. How in the world did this not end up at number one? Recently a friend introduced me to iced Vietnamese Coffee. Oh.My.Word.
  24. Gardening: Roses. Salvia. Black-eyed Susans. Oh I love them. This year, succulents have been wooing my heart too.
  25. Finding a good bargain.
  26. Pistachios.
  27. Being humbled by Jeopardy. What is it about this show? It makes me feel like a complete idiot but I can’t help but be drawn in.
  28. Learning. Doesn’t really matter what, but I love learning new things.
  29. Helping someone.
  30. Spending time with people who are older and wiser than me.
  31. Writing–it helps me be my best me.
  32. Perusing dictionaries. Okay, this is serious geek status…but you have to admit, a dictionary is really fascinating. All those words and we use so few of them.
  33. Laughing at The Simpsons. Family dynamics at its best.
  34. Taking in a concert. Who cares who’s playing.
  35. Trying to understand people with different opinions than my own.
  36. Extending forgiveness.
  37. Purses. Usually ones I can’t afford.
  38. Shoe shopping. The funnest.
  39. Getting glossy-eyed at the Antique Flea Market in Long Beach…third Sunday of every month. Behold, my little, wildly beating heart.
  40. Longing for October 5. It’s our wedding anniversary and my man always makes me feel like he doesn’t half regret marrying me. I look forward to this date more than Christmas or my birthday.
  41. Gathering people in my living room or backyard…I don’t really care what is the occasion, I just like having the chairs filled with friends.
  42. Savoring sushi. Yummy! My favorite little place is Asaka…it overlooks the Pacific Ocean and somehow the sun setting on Friday night makes this sushi taste amazing.
  43. Beating people at Monopoly. Don’t be so stuffy. It’s fun.
  44. Making a delicious mess in the kitchen.
  45. Paint chips. Really. I love looking at all the hues of possibility.
  46. Making a new friend.
  47. Organizing stuff. I hate disorder. If I meet it, I must conquer it.
  48. Seeing people grow and commit themselves to walking closer with Jesus. Maybe it would be better to say I love seeing God at work. Well, whatever you want to call it, it is a beautiful thing.
  49. Making my bed. Yeah, all the day needs to be nearly glorious is a perfectly-made bed. It’s the simple things, people.
  50. {Wow, there’s a lot of pressure in the last one…} Exploring a new place. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it is that there is so much more than what we choose to fill each day. Routines are good. Healthy habits are necessary. But there’s more than that…we need adventure, even in small forms: A new restaurant. A visit to a new little town not too far a way. A new practice. Whatever it is, I love exploring something new. It keeps me humble. It keeps me curious. It keeps me open to new possibilities.

New possibilities…that’s what love does, it opens us to new possibilities, new hopes, and restores old faith. Do you need a little bit of that? Then what are you waiting for? Make a list of 50 things you love to do…and then get out there and start enjoying them!

How about you? What do you love to do?

7 thoughts on “50 Things I Love to Do

  1. Hi There,

    What a list, I like the humour in your writing, if it was not for that, I would have probably stopped reading at number 7. I know what you are thinking…..why 7, I also don’t know.

    This is old, 2012 is a while back. I hope you see it.


    From Leroy (South Africa)

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