No Filter Friday {Life Skills, Bill Clinton and the Logic of It All}

The title warned you…suspend all judgment before proceeding.

Tonight or tomorrow morning, gosh, it’s such a toss up which one it is… Well either way you like, at  o’dark The Boy and I will begin our 1,150 mile journey to return him to college…in a truck…with all his junk…and we’re driving straight through. Oh my gumdrops, what is wrong with me for agreeing to this? The only thing crazier is leaving The Man home with Boy Two and four dogs. Should I dread more the leaving or the returning more?

The Boy is distressing me. He’s going back to college and that’s good {I declare it very good}. He’s moving into a house with eight other boys and that’s okay.  No, it’s not; it’s terrifying. Who is going to check the door at night to make sure it’s locked? The oven off? The girls gone? I want answers. My neuroticism demands them! According to him they don’t need a vacuum cleaner. WHAT? “We don’t need it. We plan on keeping everything clean.” This logic doesn’t compute with his SAT score.  But he’s got his golf clubs and video games. {He also thought it perfectly acceptable to take the wires from our T.V. for his new set up…so not okay, especially on the opening night of the NFL season.} Glad we’ve got an understanding of what it looks like to live on our own. I am so proud of the life skills with which we have equipped him. I just can’t imagine or won’t allow myself to  imagine what that house is going to look like. I’m guessing it’s going to look like his bedroom times infinity. I need to sit down; I’m dizzy.

As I type this, The Boy is trying to teach the Basset Hound to dance with him. Dear World, I am sorry for what we have unleashed upon you. Life skills: Never underestimate them.

In a weak parenting moment, I agreed to let Boy Two go to Hollywood on Wednesday night with a friend to see The Book of Mormon. Such a bad mom moment. {Please forgive me.} This explains so much in the previous paragraph. I tried to unpack the musical with him the next morning and he said, “At least they weren’t laughing at us.” Oh yeah, it’s always funny when the laugh is at someone else’s expense. Don’t worry, son, just wait until the political frenzy is done with this election season and there will be plenty of giggling fingers pointing our direction.

Boy Two finished his first week of the new school. Yesterday after school, he answered my question “How was school?” with “It was amazing.He’s not really going to school, is he? That is the most startling answer I’ve received in all of his twelve years of school.

Did anyone clarify with Bill Clinton before the convention that he is not the one running for president this time around? His 48 minute speech even had me confused for a minute. I quote: “I want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but burns for America on the inside.” Cool? Really, cool? What is this? An election for the Middle School Student Body President? I find that a weird descriptive, but certainly no weirder than the whole removal of God from the platform, “voting” God back in {although I was listening, it didn’t sound like the ‘ayes’ had it}, restoring Jerusalem, yada, yada, yada. Although it’s reported that Obama was personally responsible for the reinstatement {and outcome of “vote”}, so I guess the Christians and the Jews will find him cooler. Seems logical to me.

Yes, I listened to Obama’s speech. I’ll limit my comment to one thing: Celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death is still as unsettling today as it was when the first reports began to circulate. My fellow citizens, we are better than this. Literally. {Had to give a prop to Biden.} Yes, Mr. President, Lincoln was right–we should all be driven to our knees because there is nowhere else to go.

This trip up north reminds me that a year ago this time my mom was having surgery to address massive cancer. We were so worried about how she would handle the surgery and yet within several hours she was walking the hallways and asking for a steak dinner. {This confirms that I do not have normal origins…because you all thought I did? Who asks for a steak after radical surgery?} Only a couple months later she would be declared cancer-free and a year has not lessoned my amazement. We pray for God to heal…and then lose our socks in sheer surprise when it happens.

I don’t have any empirical evidence, but I’m pretty sure that when Paul says in Romans, “In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words” that those groanings actually sound like a cello. Yes, I think the Holy Spirit sounds like a cello. Listen to All Sons and Daughters Your Glory and try to disagree with me. See? I told you so.

I’m glad summer is done. Our family has exceeded the allowable limit of dirty beach towels. I’m ready for the cool, quiet evenings. Candles. Getting back into the Word with my women friends. Wearing a sweater. Soup. Football. {Go Huskies! Go Seahawks! But what the heck? I’m so excited about Peyton being a Bronco. I might be having an identity crisis. Or early dementia? Send help!}

This fall we are looking forward to harvesting a watermelon or two. Seriously. The Man thought it would be cool to plant watermelon on July 4th. Currently we have two fruits–each about 3 inches in diameter. So eat your heart out. While you are busy stuffing your turkey, we’ll be carving our Thanksgiving watermelon. Don’t try to understand it, just love us–clearly there’s some logic shortage in the family lines. It’s how we roll.

What’s on your mind? Give yourself permission to speak freely and unscripted. The people who love you, still will and the people who don’t…who cares?! {I know, I know…we care, but let it go for today…we can’t make people like us, but we have been given the grace to walk with our heads held high in the confidence that God  is wild about us and is making us into something more beautiful than our haters give us credit for.} Go on…express yourself! Enjoy the invitation to walk and talk filter free…even if it is only for a day.

4 thoughts on “No Filter Friday {Life Skills, Bill Clinton and the Logic of It All}

  1. I wanted to like the convention, and who I’m voting for, so I only watched Obama’s speech, not the preceding pep rally, those bug me 🙂 And could you please tell the weather that summer is done?!

    • I already gave that audible to the weather…it didn’t listen. Kind of like how it works every time I try to tell someone something. Stay cool today…or swim in the pool.

  2. Yoi crack me up! I tend to read yor blog while I am nursing and when you talk about your boys I think about my kids. It reminds me to pray for specifics for them. Like today to pray for their high school and college experiences. No vacuum? Oh man that house is going to be a war zone! We pray often that our kids would come to know the Lord at an early age and that we would lead by example. Well even beyond that with their friends, teachers, etc… Can’t we just keep them locked up forever?

    • Awesome! So let me get this straight: Hearing stories about my kids makes you pray for your kids…you are a wise, wise woman! 🙂 It is true, we can never pray enough for our kids…God, be big! No…the locking up thing won’t work. Ugly sin seeps from the inside out and you’re right, only remedy for that is Christ. As much as I roll my eyes at them, I also see evidence of God at work in their lives and this gives me peace about their future {despite the remedial life skills}. The right Man is on the job! Enjoy your sweet little ones, Deanne! They are blessed to have you.

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