Crazy, Beautiful Things {A Poem for your Saturday}

Today’s supposed to be a Saturday with Karl {Barth} post, but…well, I have a headache–pounding-throbbing-won’t-surrender headache–and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that is the wrong condition by which to approach time with the esteemed Karl. So next week, Lord willing, I’ll resume that reading.

I am, however, getting very excited about getting back into the Gospel of John with my lady friends. I’ve been spending all kinds of time between the pages of that beautiful story in preparation for the study. They are pages of refreshment, challenge, and inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I exclaim, “Crazy. This stuff is just crazy good and beautiful!” I sense that some of us have found ourselves in a place where we need to be wowed by the crazy and beautiful possibilities of what happens when God shows up.

Tania Runyan has a way of capturing the beautiful and inspiring hope with her poetry. Read slowly. Ponder deeply. Embrace hope for that place where your wine has run dry.

“The Wedding at Cana”

At first they stared in terror, the stream of water suddenly flashing red, as if a fish had been speared in the cistern.

They steadied themselves on tables. They looked around, awaiting the fire of angels to consume them. Eventually,

a guest cleared his throat and murmured. Hey we’ve got a regular plague of wine here, and they began to laugh, softly

at first, then wildly, lusciously, as the swallows ignited their throats. The women rattled their tambourines; 

the men stomped their feet on the dusty floor; the bridegroom swung his wife to the ceiling. And Jesus whirled and whooped

in the middle of the room as his small, graying mother poured the goblets like mad, wine spilling over her wrists.

~Tania Runyan, A Thousand Vessels 

Crazy and beautiful things can happen, my friends. They have happened. They can happen again. May your Saturday be filled with hope that Jesus is going to whirl and whoop it up in your life.

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