Five Minute Friday: Wide

I don’t want wide.

With its super-sized version of having it all.

Easy and casual, but spread thin like butter, so Tolkien would say.

Wide is friends living like acquaintances.

Passing over, cramming in, forgetting, and hurrying off.

Wide fills the lines of today with stuff and promises, all empty.

I don’t want wide.

I want deep.

With its truth buried beneath the layers of easy and busy.

Patient and persistent, steadfast and faithful, like a sticky brother, so Solomon would say.

Deep is family made up of friends.

Probing, discovering, knowing, treasuring, and hanging around, unable to quit the enjoyment of it all.

Deep slows to listen, mining diamonds and waiting for the sun to glisten and gleam through its prism.

Yes, I want deep.

I fell off the Five Minute Friday wagon…oops. But it feels nice to be back–I forgot how much fun these writing prompts are. For those who are new: Five Minute Friday is a link up over at Lisa Jo’s site. She gives us the topic and we write for five minutes {just five, no editing, no deliberating…just writing}. You should try it! Make sure to hop on over to her site and see what others are saying about ‘wide.’

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Wide

  1. I love the way that you used “wide” and “deep” here. Honestly, the first words that came to my mind when reading today’s prompt were the same two. Love seeing a different spin to it!

  2. So true – wide – like butter spread thin. Love that imagery and dislike the effect of living wide as you’ve described. So happy we moved into the same block on FMF today.

    • Hi neighbor! I too dislike the effect of wide living…only wish it was easier to resist its temptations. Thanks for reading and for your feedback.

    • “Intensity of the few”–what a great way to phrase it. Yeah…that just sounds wonderful. Thanks for hopping over here and reading. {I loved your Five Minute Friday post…really beautiful!}

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