An Open Invitation to Grow {Free opportunity to deepen leadership ‘skills’}

Hi friends, 
You already know I make shameless plugs for things I’m excited about…so, here goes. 
A few weeks ago I finally picked up a book on ‘leadership’ called Spiritual Influence, by Mel Lawrenz (here is the link to Amazon…I put a bunch of quotes on my little bloggy if you want to check those out to see if the author’s style is friendly to you). A friend recommended the book to me…and I resisted it, feeling like I had “heard enough” already. However, I reluctantly read it. It renewed and motivated me to lean into being… well, me…only a better, more improving me. While it sounds like the book might be just for got-a-title leaders (which I’m not), I found the book offered really challenging applications for life in general. If anything, it might be better to categorize it as a relationship book because I was able to glean some valuable insights for how to bring the best to all my relationships as a wife, mom, friend, etc. 
Since I know we’ve talked recently about how to grow in our roles and relationships at home, work, ‘church,’ etc. (at least in my small group we have been). I wanted to share this upcoming opportunity with you. The author is offering an online forum for the purpose of discussion, deeper understanding, and application of the principles found in the book. (Yes, he’s probably shamelessly plugging his book…not really, I sense he is very passionate about what’s gone wrong with ‘leadership’ and he’s working to get us back to a more biblical expression.) But this is free! Free, I say! Since I learn best when I engage in thinking with others, I thought I would pass it along to you. Here is the link for the forum
If you feel like God has you in a place of change and you’re trying to figure out how things could look in the future, this book could help you define how you take those steps forward. I know for me, I’d been asking myself “What am I going to do about this or that?” After reading the book, I’ve been settling into asking “What kind of person do I want to be that could be of value in this or that situation..”
It’s an easy read…but the application will take some time, maybe a lifetime. I think the online forum will help me to wrestle a little more deeply with who I am and the way that impacts the lives of those with whom I am sharing life. Want to join me? Know someone who is in transition or trying to figure out how to be their best in any given situation? Feel free to forward this invite to them. (Don’t feel like you need to get a response back to me…if I see you in the online “class,” so be it…this little invite is just to get the word out to my friends who I know are intentional about their growth.) And no…there aren’t any perks in this plug for me. I’m not that shameless.

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