Free Indeed {31 Days}

To blog or not to blog? That is always the question for every blogger, along with the other troublesome cadre.  Too much? Too little? Why bother?

Well, I bother for three main reasons 1) Writing {and if it’s good writing, then reading too} is good for the soul. 2) Writing is an excellent discipline for developing clear thinking. 3) Writing, for me, is social. I like interacting with others and this little bloggy gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and have some important conversations with old friends.

So when The Nester announces that she is going to host 31 Days in October again this year, I decide I have to be a part of it for all of the stated reasons. Here’s how the Nester describes it: “What’s 31 Days? Basically anyone can join in, just pick a topic and write about it every day for the month of October–we all come here and link up on October 1st.  Think short posts with one point made each day.

So what’s my topic? Well, I wrestled and wrestled with that, only to decide that I was over-thinking it. To be honest, I don’t have the capacity to throw one more topic of focus into the ADHD zoo known as me. Instead, it makes sense I should just share a little tidbit of what is currently keeping me wide-eyed and dancing with delight.

That would be Jesus as John’s Gospel reveals him. He is beautiful. Bold. Sometimes shocking {which of course makes me all the more crazy about him}. Always gentle in a radical kind of way. He’s been jarring me awake with grace. He’s been entering into the dark nights of this heart like a sunrise with sailor warnings. He’s been discovering bound up, imprisoned places and setting me free with a word or a look or a tender touch. I have heard the chains thud to the ground.

“If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.” ~John 8:31-32

Free indeed! 

I have been participating in this study of John’s Gospel that has been rocking my heart, like the way you expect a Mumford and Sons song to do. You know, you’re dancing  and singing in the car and you know everyone is staring at you, but you just don’t care. That’s what truth does–it enters the heart, woos you with rhythm and rhyme, and sets you free to dance. Yes, that’s what Truth does.

For each day in October I will share with you the song of freedom from the Gospel of John that I can’t get out of my head…and my heart. Just a word or two from Jesus–a “Free Indeed” truth–will get the party started. You’re invited to sing along. Dance. Until we’re all free indeed!

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