Free to Welcome {#31 Days} {#Five Minute Friday}

Life rarely affords us the luxury of welcome.

It is filled to capacity with full calendars, rigid traditions, and allegiance to the status quo. There isn’t space for more, or new, or different. We’ve boxed ourselves in with walls fortified against welcome.

Welcome isn’t easy. It’s hard work to accept that there’s new and different that’s better than you know. It’s downright scary to say good-bye to learned and familiar ways.

It seems this suspicious eye has been casting its glance on all things different from ages old. I see it when I read the Gospel of John (see chapters seven and eight). Right there, bold as day, the full of themselves can’t make room for Jesus.

He’s too new. His ideas too bold. His ways too unconventional. He presses the limits of comfort too far.

People are always game for a new idea unless that new idea involves radical change…of me. Don’t be messing with my Moses and Abraham. There’s no welcome for that.

Welcome is the doorway to life. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Without welcome we shrivel up a little day after day. Jesus is making all things new. Will we let him make today different from yesterday?

Open the door to the possibility that different can be better than the predictable, controlled, cookie-cutter days you’re living. There’s something more satisfying than status quo. Entertain outside the box. Why use all your strength to hold on to the past? Let go. Open your arms, w-i-d-e, w-i-d-e, w-i-d-e as you can and welcome the new.

Don’t be trapped inside old and comfortable. Be free to welcome bold and unconventional. Welcome Jesus, because without him we’re just a hot mess of a captive in a boring little box of our own ideas.

Free to welcome. Free Indeed!

A Personal Side Note: Today my hubby and I are celebrating our twenty-first anniversary.  {TWENTY-ONE years! How is that possible?! Well, this says so much more about him than me.}  I couldn’t be more grateful for the gift known as Chuck.  {For those who don’t know this, his real name is Chris, but I call him Chuck as in the Charlie Brown variety. Sadly, yes, I am probably his Lucy, always pulling back the proverbial football mid-wind up. Poor Chuck.} When I think about my relationship with Jesus, I see how much Chuck has shaped my understanding of who Jesus is. Not by a lot of words—he has few of them. He’s a look, not listen kind of guy; a practice not preach it variety. By his life and his love he has shown me Jesus—he is patient, he’s steadfast, he’s honest and free of pretense, he is humble. Chuck is the real deal and he loves me very well. So what that means for this little bloggy, is that I had to write ahead for my #31 Days challenge. {Is that cheating? Well, if it is, so be it. I’m free.} While I’m out enjoying my honey, you stay free!

This month I’m participating with The Nester in her 31 Day challenge to write every day on a topic of choice. I’m writing this month on how Jesus make us free. Because without him, we’re just a hot mess of a captive. Today I’m also linking up with Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday–hop over to her site. You’ll find there an incredible group of writers who are writing raw and real for just five minutes.

6 thoughts on “Free to Welcome {#31 Days} {#Five Minute Friday}

  1. Very nice. I enjoyed the read and the reminder to myself to make sure that in all my busy life I don’t get too busy to make sure I am welcome to Christ and all things new as he is always still working on me.

    • Thank you. Yes, busyness is often the culprit of going through way too many days without welcoming Jesus to speak into our lives and shake it up a bit. I struggle with that. Glad you came for a visit.

  2. Routines are comfortable at times. But we must come out of the ordinary and live out in extraordinary HIM!

    Happy anniversary Brenda!!!! 21 years, what an amazing victory!
    May the Lord Jesus continue to bless your marriage.

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