Free to Go Home {#31 Days} {Quotable}

Do you ever feel homesick? Do you long for a spiritual place where you can kick off your shoes, lean back and just  rest? Are you looking for a place where your heart can be both exposed and accepted, fully known and fully loved?

Vanier says this about the kind of freedom found only in the home of love and acceptance:

Slaves are never free. They cannot be at peace in the “home” of their own body, in the “home” of their own reality, or in the “home” of God. They are always on the run, consumed by anguish, running from reality, from what is into a world of illusion. Only the Son can liberate us from slavery and bring us into our real home: the home of God.

{J. Vanier, Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John}

There is much that keeps us from our true homecoming. In John’s Gospel the Pharisees were imprisoned to their ideas about Jesus, rather than free to enter into reality with the One who lived and loved among them. They had rehearsed Abraham and Moses so many times, there was no room left for new ideas, or new Heroes.

We’d be quick to call them foolish if it were not for the small whispers inside that remind us how quick we ourselves are to run back to what we know we know. We are all partisan protectors. Enslaved to ideas. Homesick for truth.

When we can leave the ideas about Jesus behind and embrace the One who will change our minds about everything, we are free to go home.

Let the Son bring you home. Be Free. Free indeed.

This month I’m participating with The Nester in her 31 Days challenge to write every day on a topic of choice. I’m writing this month on how Jesus make us free. Because without him, we’re just a hot mess of a captive.

This last week I’ve enjoyed posts from the following 31 Days participants. You should check them out:

Elizabeth is sharing 31 Days of Wonderful Words with sweet, sweet grace.

Tammy has moved me with her 31 Days of Community. Wow.

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