Look: Free to See {#31 Days} {Five Minute Friday}

Today is Five Minute Friday! Woo-hoo! Just five minutes of writing, no editing. Who wouldn’t love that?

Today’s prompt: Look 


Darkness. Thick, prevailing darkness is all he ever saw. Nothing more.

In blindness there are no pictures, no colors, no clarity. Only the blur of thoughts that scatter and falter through the grays and browns and blacks composing darkness of morning, noon, and night. In blindness, there is nothing there to see.

But lack of sight does not mean that the blind are not seen. “Jesus saw.” Powerful words right there. Jesus, incarnate God, looks and sees those who are lost in the blinding grip of darkness.

His solution, in the case of the blind man in John 9, is mud. Clumps of grays and brown and black. I don’t know why. Maybe the cold of the clay awakened the blind man to cease forgetting the eyes that did not work. Then there’s water for the washing. Followed by sight.

What must it have been like to look and see? Exhilarating light. Freedom in the colors of green and red and rainbows. Freedom to be both seen and seeing. New eyes to look and behold and say, “I have seen him–Jesus!” He is beautiful. He is light and glory and love composing a symphony of freedom morning, noon, and night.

Do you see only darkness today? Rest–Jesus sees you. When you are seen, you are loved. Light will come. Wait for the cold mud of his touch to wake you out of blindness. Then look, see, and be free!


Be free today, sweet friends. Be free indeed!

This month I’m participating with The Nester in her 31 Days challenge to write every day on a topic of choice. I’m writing this month on how Jesus make us free. Today I also joined up with Lisa Jo for her Five Minute Friday writing prompt. 

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