A Prayer for Freedom from Pretense and Easy Ways {#31 Days} {Quotable}

From William Barclay

Help us, O God, to rid ourselves of all the things which keep us from being good examples of the faith which we profess.

Help us never to demand standards from others which we never attempt to live up to ourselves; never to contradict with our lives that which we say with our lips; never to be one thing to people’s face and another behind their back.

Help us never to make a promise and then to break it because it is difficult to keep; never to do anything dishonorable, either to avoid trouble or to make gain; never to be disloyal to a friend or untrue to a loved one.

Help us never to teach or to persuade anyone to do a wrong thing; never to give an example which will make it easier for someone else to go wrong; never to laugh at anyone else’s beliefs, and never to hide our own.

Help us to live that we shall never bring disgrace to ourselves, heartbreak to others, or grief to you.

~W. Barclay, A Barclay Prayer Book

Yes, Lord, help us to be free to be our best and truest self today. Let us not be captive to the love of self that settles for pretense and easy ways.

This month I’m participating with The Nester in her 31 Days challenge to write every day on a topic of choice. I’m writing this month on how Jesus make us free.

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