No Filter Friday {#31 Days of Freedom}

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t exactly towing the line with the 31 Days assignment. You know what? It’s Friday and I am feeling the need for a wee bit more freedom of speech on this here bloggy. Plus in my defense, the 31 Day challenge was to write every day for 31 days…and that, my friend, I have done.

But 31 days. Holy macaroni, Batman, too many words. Way too many. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Hats off to the bloggers out there who write every day and still have something interesting to say. I never thought I would be at such a loss for words, so alas, the exercise has taught me something new about myself. It has challenged me to draw from deeper wells, in addition to further convincing me how easy it is to let words sit on neglected shelves never to see the daylight of action.

I’ve worked hard to string together words on this blog that are finding tangible shape in my life and this has created a tension with the 31 Day challenge.When you’re writing this much, it’s too easy to write a story that’s not really your story.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve meant every single word that I’ve written about freedom. However, living in that freedom isn’t as easy as it may sound. I can spit out words about freedom much easier than I can embody them. And if I don’t embody those words, well…then just shut down the whole bloggy operation. Right? Because if our nation’s approach to November teaches us anything, it ought to be that words are cheap. Life, like good writing, must observe the maxim ‘show don’t tell.’ Looks like November will be 30 Days of alignment review for this here blahgger.

By the time you read this more than likely I will be sitting in a cramped seat 30,000 feet in the air as I travel to Austin, TX. What’s in Austin for me, you ask? Nothing. I’m a little bitter about the necessity of my travel there. But some reason I was not able to find one direct flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. So whatever. I will drop into Austin first and cross my fingers that me and my luggage make it to our connecting flight. Otherwise…shopping trip!

I’ll be in D.C. to spend time with my sister and her hubby. I’m planning to take in some museums, catch up on some reading, and who knows, maybe I’ll stage a little protest on the lawn. Look for me on the news.  I’ll be the one with the sign that says, “Keep Calm and Pass Kindness Along.”

Really. I may. But instead of protesting on the National Lawn I’d be more inclined to stand in front of the Church, wherever I can find them, with my sign that would plead for us to sweeten our dialog because I refuse to believe that Jesus cares only what we say without regard for how we say it and who is hearing it. When passion for policies {or our politician} strips us of our love for the least of these then we are in need for a serious reality check. Come again, how much did Jesus or Paul or Peter say about the politics of Rome? How did we get so out of balance? Hmmm, I wonder what we would learn if we were to have a pre-election dinner with someone we know holds different convictions and ask them what they think are the blind spots of our positions? Then listen, like really listen, and don’t defend yourself…just take their words to heart and thank them. Yeah, I wonder what we would learn?

I kind of half lied just now. It’s true that I will see my sister in D.C., but it may or may not be true that I’m fleeing the west coast because of these two…

I know you looked at that picture and went ‘Ah!’ Well don’t. Looks are deceptive. Percy and Gretel Basset are jokers!  Gretel is in “her season” and I have learned that one of my new superpowers is preventing nature from um…well, taking its course. That’s right, I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let those doggies romance. Cuz’ I’m a woman!

Pretty sure I’ll have stories to report upon my return about my husband’s Trick-or-Treating superpowers. Yep, that’s right. I won’t be home on Halloween and Chuck will have candy distribution duty. Bwah-hah-hah-ha-ha. Sorry, Chuck.

Don’t lose your freedom swag this weekend. Be fully free with words and love. It’s for freedom Christ has set us free! Let’s be free indeed.

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