Thanksgiving Joy {Favorite Things #1}

Who of us doesn’t wake on Thanksgiving morn’ with Mr. Creosote’s maxim jingling like a catchy ditty in our head? “Get in my belly! Get in my belly!” Yes, Thanksgiving has some of the very best and most comforting foods.

And most of us as evening falls will join the ate-too-much club. We will find the comfort {or in some cases, discomfort} of having had enough {or too much}, of being full.

Thanksgiving gives us a moment in time to reflect on how full our lives are already. We spend so much time thinking about what we don’t have or what could be better or different that we forget how much {and I’m not just talking material possessions} is ours. I personally believe that this is one reason for spiritual depression.

Have you been there? That place where all you can see is how you’re not yet what you know God desires for you? You lament your shortcomings, grieve your sins, compare your weaknesses up against others strengths and before you know it, you are sitting in darkness. The lights are out and your heart has been emptied of awareness of any of the incredible riches of Christ gifted to you. Emptiness gives the darkness a lot of room to rattle around in. It’s not what God intends for us.

He made us to be filled. Not with stuff. No, give-mes and greed are just echoes of the emptiness. Instead, listen to these words and declare to yourself, “Get in my heart!”

God tells us to glorify him. “Glorify” means “to make a big deal of.” When someone makes a big deal of you, it fills up your heart with joy.

But why does God need us to make a big deal of him? Why does he need us to get joy?

He doesn’t. In the beginning God the Father and Jesus, his Son, together with the Holy Spirit, were already there–a loving family, glorifying each other in this wonderful Dance of Joy.

No. God didn’t create us so he could get joy–he already had it.

He created us so he could share it.

He knows it’s the thing your heart most needs to be happy. When God says, “Glorify me!” he’s really saying, “Be filled with Joy!”

He’s inviting us into his Forever Happiness.

~Sally Lloyd-Jones & Jago, Thoughts to Make to Your Heart Sing

As you celebrate with turkey and gravy today, make God big. Draw your and others thoughts to God. Speak of his goodness, his never-gives-up love, his tenderly expressed kindness, the mystery of his grace. Share the beauty of Jesus. As you do, you’ll share in his joy. He will fill you up with it. You will be full, full in the truest of all ways. You may not yet be where you wished, but you are somewhere and Jesus has done something in your life. Share it, take joy in it. Be filled and full of his joy. HappyThanksgiving, Friends!

Favorite Things–Over the next few weeks, I want to share with you some of my favorite finds or rediscoveries from 2012. Yes, I know I’m no Oprah (I say with all thankfulness), but one thing I do love is good recommendation. I am always delighted when someone tests out a product or test drives a book and then shares it with me. I thought I would pass along the love, since some of us are probably looking for Christmas gift ideas. So here goes…

Favorite Thing #1–Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing, by Sally Lloyd-Jones & Jango. This sweet little devotional for children has been rocking my heart. I quoted this in today’s post to show you how simple and yet profound are these little one page devotions. If you are committed to serving up big thoughts about God to your littles, you will want to have this book in your hands with your children at your side. This book will get your littles hearts inclined toward God in such a way that they will learn that he is big and can handle all their questions and big stuff in their lives; it will cultivate faith, not merely easy, detached answers. Along with excellent writing, the art work inspires. I have several littles on my list who will be getting this from me this year. Don’t have a little on your list? Buy it for yourself and let it bring you to a new awareness of God. After all, we have been told to come as a child.

1 thought on “Thanksgiving Joy {Favorite Things #1}

  1. “You may not yet be where you wished, but you are somewhere and Jesus has done something in your life. Share it, take joy in it. Be filled and full of his joy. HappyThanksgiving, Friends!

    Thank you for this reminder this morning I needed it….and as far as joining the “ate too much club” no thanks, today I am concentrating on feeling thankful not regretful!!

    Happy Thanksgiving

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