Bring on the {Summer} Books

Summer. Beautiful, relaxing, sit-by-the-pool-and-drink-in-words summer.

I don’t know what you will stash away in your beach bag to read, but here is what will be in mine: 

Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes, by Shauna Niequest. This book comes with a Book Club/Cooking Club discussion guide and I am ever so tempted!

The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. A group of us are going to reading through all seven books this summer. Why? Because there’s just something about that Lion that makes one remember what they have forgotten about God’s great love. Some friends and I have a little online book club we’re going to attempt and I’m super excited about sharing the adventure with others.

Prototype: What Happens When You’re More Like Jesus than You Think, by Jonathan Martin. I’ve already started this book and I am blessed by Martin’s storytelling ability. The message too is timely for me. Here is a review you might want to check out if you’re interested.

A Community Called Atonement, by Scot McKnight. McKnight challenges me to think things through carefully. When it comes to articulating atonement I believe I need to keep exercising those muscles.

Letter and Homilies for Jewish Christians, by Ben Witherington III. This is way too geeky to be in a beach bag, but hey, it’s the way I roll. I’ve already started this one too…and it’s good…that is if you believe geeky can be good.

The Book of Hebrews, by ???. For the last couple months, I keep getting drawn into the beauty of Hebrews. It’s become a rabbit hole of reflection and encouragement. {It’s one of the reasons this blog has grown so quiet…most of the stirrings are too deep for words…right now.} Sometimes when a book of the Bible is just speaking, speaking, and speaking, it is wise to just stay there and listen…carefully. I’ve probably read it close to ten-fifteen times now over the last several weeks and I’m concluding that the author is concerned that the hearers do not have a sufficiently true understanding of Jesus. At least not one sufficient enough to keep them from turning back to where they came from. Maybe their thoughts were too crowded by familiarity and comfortability, too resistant to letting the past go, and too fearful to stand in the company of The One who revealed the better way through suffering. Ouch. That sounds like me.

I still have room for a novel. Got any suggestions?

Are you excited about a book you’ve read or are preparing to read? I’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Bring on the {Summer} Books

  1. Speaking of Solzhenitsyn whom you quote below, I’d recommend “Cancer Ward” for a novel. Or “Glittering Images” by Susan Howatch, first in an excellent series.

  2. Annie, Thanks for the suggestion. Funny you should mention “Cancer Ward.” It is is one of favorite Solzhenitsyn books. There was a time when I consumed everything he wrote–an amazing storyteller. It has been such a long time since I read any of his works. I should go back and revisit them. I haven’t read “Glittering Images,” but have heard good things. I will check it out too. Good to hear from you…thanks for the visit!

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