Gazing on His Brightness {Quotable}

On the book of Hebrews–

“As in the epistle in which the exalted Savior sends unto the church at Laodicea, there is the most glorious description of the person of Jesus, and of his overflowing and tender love. The self-revelation of Jesus is the basis and source of exhortation. Thus in every age of the Church the renewal of strength, the rekindling of love, the deliverance of languor and inertness, bordering on death and destruction, can only proceed from a fuller and deeper knowledge of the Lord and his truth, from a renewed beholding of his countenance and of his glory. When the love of the majority shall wax cold, when iniquity shall abound, and the last struggle prepare, then let the Church go on unto perfection, and behold with open face the glory of Christ; and gazing on his brightness, she will be strong, and courageous, and remain steadfast until the end.” ~Adolph Saphir (1831-1891)

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