Church. Burn. Hurt. {A longing for something beautiful}

Today while doing a little adventuring, I found this:


It’s an old teaching card used to instruct new readers on the vowel sound ‘ur.’

Church. Burn. Hurt. I know too many whose experiences could be summed up with these three words.

I left the store with a changed disposition and drove the forty miles home sad and heavy-hearted. I lamented with remorse all the times I hurt others. I grieved again some burns I’ve personally experienced. But mostly I just wished it would be different. I wish the Lord would light a holy fire in the hearts of his people. I long for a fire that would burn away our impurities and heal our infirmities…especially the ones we’ve committed against each other. Yes, I desire a church that burns with holiness and heals the hurt. What a beautiful church that would be.

What words would you use to describe ‘church’? What can we do together to transform the church and the words we use to describe her to be more radiant and beautiful?

Will you join me in praying for the healing and holiness of the Church?

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