Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Have you ever committed to something that afterwards caused you to do a little fear and trembling? A lot of fear and trembling? Currently I’m having my own little moment like that.

Okay. Deep breath. Remember life motto: Freaking out is not allowed. One more deep breath. Let me try to explain.

A few weeks back a Twitter friend, Beck, sent me a really nice note asking if I would submit a story for a group publishing project, Couch Rebels, about which she’s really passionate. I like Beck and her influence of grace, so I quickly checked out the cause (Which I thought was awesome! Who doesn’t want clean water for Africa?) and then committed I would write a little ditty.

The story was supposed to be about an adventure, a time when God called me out of my comfort zone. Now if you know me, you know I am not an adventurous person. I am all about safety. If I could still put my children in car seats, I would. And have them wear helmets all the time, just for peace of mind. Who cares that they are 20 and 18?

As I prayed about what to write, I was very displeased with the story the Lord kept drawing to my remembrance. It felt super vulnerable and very unsafe to write about that particular time. More so, the story does tell about a time that I had to step up to be more courageous than I normally would be but that was precisely the challenge for me. Could I today continue to live into the truths of that moment? It’s easier to write about it than to keep living it out and so the Lord and I had to talk a bit about that too.

In end, I wrote about that time. I submitted it to CausePub and then found out people had to vote on my story. Are you kidding me? I am not a “vote-for-me” kind of gal and I don’t ever promote my writing. I don’t really consider myself a writer and yes, this is the first piece of writing of I’ve ever submitted for any kind of review/approval. (So why do I write a blog? I like sharing stories and I enjoy encouraging other people to think and to be thought about through the lens of God’s word. This blog does that for oh, about five people, give or take.) I’m also not a self-promoter. It’s the one thing about social media (and life) that just doesn’t float my boat. Rather, I believe in being faithful with little and letting God take care of bigger matters.

At this point, I’m wishing I could resubmit a story about this story, because I am really stepping out of my comfort zone with this whole group publishing story. But there’s no going back and Beck’s still a really sweet person and CausePub is still a really great way to get people working together for something bigger than themselves. I’m excited to participate with them in even a small way.

So why am I telling you about this? Maybe you want to submit your own story? Or maybe you would like to read the stories that have been written? Or maybe you just want to go read my story? It begins like this:

Your brother is hungry,” said the voice for which only my heart has ears. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” the voice of Cain echoed loudly within. “He’s hungry. You have bread and wine; feed him.” After all the hurt, the ridicule, and disregard? No. He has his own bread and wine; he should feed himself. “The bread, the cup, you and he are all Mine; Mine to give and not yours to keep. I know about your hurt; Mine is in the wine. Let it be poured out again for your brother.

To read the rest, go here. I expect to have five votes by the end of the day.

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