No-Filter Friday {A Sorry State of Affairs}

I made it to Friday! This is exactly the kind of week that calls for a little No-Filter Friday freedom.

Sending a child off to college is stresssssful. Imagine all the emotions you have when you drop them off for their first day of kindergarten, multiply it by a gazillion, and then divide it by the thirteen years of accrued due date, homework, GPA, SAT stress.

So work with me here. Walk in my shoes. Come on a little parade through my last week.

Monday was the first day of the Fall Quarter of his freshman year for my son. Except for that on the Wednesday before (count that, five days before) he receives a letter in the mail stating that his admission to our friendly state university has been rescinded. Wha-what? Panic strikes. Calls are made. Of course, offices are closed. So we wait {and pray} {and do a little freaking out} through the watches of the night.

Turns out his high school didn’t submit the official transcript from his freshman transfer. That would have been nice to know in June. Or July. Or maybe even early August. But we play along. We get the official transcript. Submit it to said university. A letter arrives on Saturday (two days before the first day of classes). “We are sorry you have not shown proper proof that you have graduated from high school.” Seriously?

Bureaucracy. How do you explain all this craziness to an eighteen year old? I have so much more that I want to say about the brokenness of our education system, but even No-Filter Friday is not ready for those words.

So we  have spent this week scurrying to find a school for the boy to attend. It’s no small task when everybody else did this five months ago. It was looking like all was for not. Too little, too late. So what do you do when your boy’s dreams crash and burn? You take him to sushi.

Wouldn’t you know it, the sushi comes to the table just as the phone rings. “This is We-Are-Here-To-Save-The-Day Private College, we’d like you to start on Monday.” The eyes light up. The heart begins to beat again. Then I realize, private college. “Put down that sushi! We can’t afford it anymore.”

With enough money you can fix nearly any problem. I don’t know where we are going to get that money, but that’s a dilemma for next week. If you hear of any good jobs, let me know!

And I fired my gardeners…again. The Southern California over-priced mow-and-blow is killing me! Is it really asking too much that you pull the weeds, clean up the grass clippings, and occasionally do some hedging? Someone is praying a hedge of protection around my house. Stop it! It’s overgrown. I practically live in a jungle.

Which leads me to the most traumatic part of my week. There are more things growing in places that they shouldn’t be then just my landscape. It pains me to have to write this.

I got a fungus! F-U-N-G-U-S!!!!!!

If you know me then you know I am all about the mani-pedi. It’s religion. Every two weeks, predictable like the movement of the moon. But a few weeks ago, I started having a little pain in two of my finger tips. My nail lady tells me, “You allergic to cleaners. Wear gloves.” I did, but the fingers started looking like they needed cleaning. So Monday I go to the doctor. He looks at my fingers and no joke, he says…

“Gross! It has been a weird-ass day.” He then proceeds to tell me about the full moon and I’m thinking his description of the day seems fitting, although I’m worried now about the reliability of the care I’m going to receive.

By now my wavering middle-age self image is on the rocks of despair. He gives me medicine and free advice, “I’d wear bandaids. Cover it.” Thanks, doc.

I’m grieving over hear. My germ phobia and vanity are quibbling over irreconcilable differences. I want my pretty nails. I will not let Mr. Clean himself get within ten inches of touching them ever again. Sigh.

I know, California’s broken education system, gardening glut, and nail salon yuck. Oh yeah, and the need for health care reform. I should write about something we all don’t already know. We are a sorry state of affairs. Oh, {Southern} California, you never disappoint.

Oh yeah, I’ve also been writing a new Bible study for fall on the cross of Christ. Pretty sure that this is not the kind of suffering Jesus had in mind when he said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” So yes, there is perspective for all my woes. They are minor, mere and temporary flesh wounds. Even so, I believe they are working some necessary sanctification. Especially the nail thing. Good thing I don’t go to the charismatic church where everyone raises their hands anymore. See, I’m already looking on the bright side.

Happy three-day weekend, friends! Stay fungus-free!

2 thoughts on “No-Filter Friday {A Sorry State of Affairs}

    • Sabine, thank you! It’s been an adventurous week, that’s for sure. Doesn’t it make you happy that you are enjoying the different pace of Nashville? 🙂

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