Don’t Be a Fixer

It’s a good premise–make a big mess of your life, hire somebody to come in and fix it all away for you, and live happily ever after. 

That’s my summary of the premise of the TV series Scandal. It sucked in my husband and me this weekend and I’m ashamed to even admit how many consecutive episodes we watched. Don’t judge. The hubs and I have been burning fumes for the last month and we needed a day to sit and do absolutely nothing. Netflix just kept streaming the next episode and we apathetically obliged.

In case your unfamiliar with show, it is about an upwardly mobile, intelligent, powerful woman in Washington D.C. She, Olivia Pope, and her team are hired by prominent citizens who need messy public problems solved and silenced. Olivia is the fixer. She gets presidents elected, murders solved, and she’s not afraid to cross one or many ethical lines to get it done. All in the name of the greater good, of course. Who cares if it’s true?

Fixes feed on moral relativity. They need spins on truth, cover-ups, and opinion managements to stay alive.

While I enjoy the suspense and the who-done-it-nature of the show, it also has me thinking about the propensity of our hearts to find quick, quiet solutions. I know I have been tempted to do a quick clean up when a thorough overhaul was needed. I’m lazy; I’m apt to be easy on my own sin. I’m vain; sometimes I care more about perceptions than principles. I’m proud; I’d rather not admit I was wrong.

Sadly, I think this probably happens as much inside the Church as it does on Pennsylvania Avenue. Dont’ believe it? When was the last time you confessed a sin to someone else…your own sin, that is? Yes, we are all very good at confessing other’s sins for them. But our own sins, those we rationalize, justify, and relativize. We are fixers. 

Here’s the thing though–we weren’t designed to live this way. We were created to feast on truth. To live on it, by it, and be willing to die for it. 

I wonder if we all began really believing the gospel, not for the heathen down the road but for ourselves, if all this fixing would give way to truly pure lives. The only perfection we need is Jesus’–and He gave it to us with his work on Calvary. He is the only Fixer. What’s up with all the self-justifying if we really believe, as we say we do, in justification by faith alone? 

What would the Church look like if we stopped trying to get out ahead of our sin with spin? What if we stopped racking up reasons and excuses to cover our butts? What if we put an end to all the pinning blame on the other guy?

What if we began to humbly confess our daily need for Calvary’s grace by owning our wrongs? “It is good for me that I was humbled, so that I might learn your statutes” Ps. 119:71. 

What if we began to treasure the precepts of God’s holiness more than our own reputations? “The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces” Ps. 199:72.

What if forgiveness was preferred? 

I believe fixes–fake ones, at least–wouldn’t be needed. 

“I know, O LORD, that your judgments are right, and that in faithfulness you have humbled me. Let your steadfast love become my comfort according to your promise to your servant. Let your your mercy come to me, that I may live; for your law is my delight. Let the arrogant be put to shame, because they have subverted me with guile; as for me, I will meditate on your precepts.” ~Psalm 119:75-78

When we stray from God’s Word it is easy to settle for fixes. Daily meditation on truth gives real wisdom. Without it, we will stray to the easy, comfortable, and vain. This week an exciting new blog launched to encourage women to fix their eyes on the wisdom of God’s truth. I wasn’t asked to endorse it (although once a month, you’ll find me writing there), but I am because I know what happens to me when I slip out of the scriptures. I also know that when I hear other people talk about how the Spirit is leading them into understanding…and obedience, I don’t want to miss out. I want that too! I encourage you to take a look at Pick Your Portion. Lisa has gathered a group of women from whom you will learn about the beautiful treasures found in Christ. I don’t want you to miss out. They have a Facebook page and are on Twitter…you can check them out there too. Spread the word to the women in your life that you love and of whom you wouldn’t want them to miss out.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of Scandal. It’s junk-food TV, at best. It’s not family-friendly…have the fast-forward button queued. It’s also candidly politically tilted to the left, so if politics make you a little cray-cray, I would stay away. You’ve been warned.

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