Do You Ever Want More or {Different} than What You Have?

Do you ever struggle with trusting God with an unknown future? What about when it seems that you and God have different desires?

I confess, I do.

Frequently I find myself faced with a very big choice: Will I trust God for everything or will I take my life into my own hands and do my best to make things happen? To phrase it another way, daily I must decide if my motto will be God’s Will, His Way or My Wishes, My Way? I’ve had to confront my sin of wanting more {or different} than what God has provided for me.

I’m talking today over at Pick Your Portion about the difficulty of trusting God when desires, entitlements, and worries are stronger than the presence of God’s power and provision in my life.

Lust and covetousness persuade with the same lie. “You be your own god. You deserve better than what you have. Hold on to your entitlements. Grab hold of what you need. Make it happen.”

Truth whispers sweetly in rebuttal, “You have already received much. And if this were too little, I would add to you as much more. Release gratitude for what is. Hold tightly to trust for what isn’t.”

You can read the rest here. I’d love for you to continue the conversation there about how you hold onto trust in times of trials and temptation.

2 thoughts on “Do You Ever Want More or {Different} than What You Have?

    • Sabine, You know my motto: Freaking out is not allowed! 🙂 In all seriousness, you have one of the best attitudes of almost anyone I know. You are resilient and hopeful. It sounds to me like you are trusting God to use the situation you are in to bring about His good. (That’s the promise of the Scriptures–Rom. 8:28.) I pray that for you and your family all the time. You amaze me with your strength.

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