There is No Tomorrow {Carolyn Weber Quotable on Friendship}

Do you ever have a day that reminds you more than others of how very valuable is a friend? Today has been that day for me. Carolyn Weber’s words capture so beautifully the treasure of friendship:

A “U-turn” friend is someone who will stop whatever he is doing at the moment and immediately change direction to come and help a friend in need. Such friends turn from the demands of “me” to the service of “you.” Of course, there are generous folks who will do this for a complete stranger as well. Regardless, a U-turn friend comes to your aid, especially during a storm, in the dark, or time of “attack”–when we are most vulnerable. Everyone should have at least one U-turn friend. And, in turn, we should each try to be one to others. As the proverb goes, “When friends ask, there is no tomorrow.” Living out the great commandment to love another as we have been loved is yet another gift of the present, and proof to others of God moving among us (Jn. 13:34-35). ~Carolyn Weber, Holy is the Day

Indeed friends are a gift. If you have a “U-turn” friend you really should let them know how grateful you are for them. Just imagine what life would be without them.

[I am preparing to share a full review of Carolyn’s new book Holy is the Day on Friday. In the meantime, I will be sharing with you some quotes that evoked beauty, truth, and faith in my heart. Sneak Peak: You are going to want need to read this book if you’re a mom and have ever felt like the demands of babies, laundry, and life were going to get the best of you.]

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