Carpe Deum {Carolyn Weber Quotable}

Do you struggle with priorities? I do. Often I am over-committed and under-convicted. Not wanting to miss out, I cram in too much life in a day and take away far less gratitude than I ought. I am torn between wanting it all now and unsatisfied by what yet is not. In this struggle, I forget the simple truth and profound reality that God is with me…now…forever. Everyday I miss his presence.

I don’t have to; there is another way.

Yes, gather the rosebuds, to the glory of God. He will weave each one into a “garland to grace your head and present you” (Prov 4:9), so that you may remain in his presence forever. Replace carpe diem with carpe Deum and you move away from the ledge of self-absorption, from the temptation of falling into spiritual immaturity, epitomized by so many things in the sinful preference of self, but especially by the self-serving pleasure principle. In subtle contrast, carpe Deum grasps at God. It seeks righteousness. It touches the robe. It holds onto the Lord and refuses to let go.”  ~Carolyn Weber, Holy is the Day

Is there a a thing in life that you are forever trying to seize as a means of happiness or fulfillment? For that place in my life, this was just the reminder I needed.

[I am preparing to share a full review of Carolyn’s new book Holy is the Day on Friday. In the meantime, I a, sharing with you some quotes that evoked beauty, truth, and faith in my heart. Sneak Peak: You are going to want need to read this book if you’re a mom and have ever felt like the demands of babies, laundry, and life were going to get the best of you.]

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