Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber {Book Review}

She has done it again. Back in 2011, I shared with you what a powerful faith memoir Carolyn Weber wrote–in  it she drew out doubting places, then tucked in truth, and did it all with the beauty and grace of a skilled artist. She has just release her latest book, Holy is the Day (2013, InterVarsity Press), and it too is a heart-mover.

Here’s the thing about Carolyn’s writing–she uses words in ways that make faith burst out in song. While some of us might let the hustle and bustle of life carry us recklessly down a river of fate, Carolyn’s words provide a bridge to take in the beauty of God’s work in the everyday places of life. (This last week I treated you to two quotes from her book–here and here.)

Holy is the Day is Carolyn’s reflection on finding God’s presence, provision, and power in one of the most difficult places–family. As a mom, I resonate with her struggle to allow God be God in the unplanned, messy, and tumultuous events of family life. I understand the trauma of birth complications, the crisis of a migraine with children braided around legs, marital tensions and the exhaustion of cross-country moves.

What we discover along with Carolyn is how committed God is to relieving us of the burden of self-sufficiency. Into the broken places of the “perfect family life” of which so many of us women strive, Carolyn entices us to come follow her in trusting God. I was inspired and challenged by her personal stories of releasing control and ambition so that she might have hands free to take hold of God–carpe Deum!  Her story is a reminder of the strength of God’s love and the resiliency of his grace not merely in the shadow of stained glassed windows, but in the disruptions of careers, the demands of children, and the exhaustion of motherhood–precisely where so many of us are desperate for God to be present with us.

You will want to read this book if you’ve ever thought that in some way motherhood diminished God’s care and plans for your life. The depth of Carolyn’s writing will enlarge your thinking. The insight of her observations will train your eyes to see differently. The passion of her seeking the-God-who-can-be-found will move your heart to feel his shoulder brushes of love. Carolyn is deep in all the ways that push us beyond a settled secularism. Her book will move tired, worn down moms (and I suspect, dads too) to worship–worship found in cheerios, sand-filled lunches, and toy-strewn lawns.

I imagine that Holy is the Day would be a great book club book. Carolyn’s transparency and skill for putting words to the struggle of faith in motherhood could be invaluable for giving others courage to walk out into the light of truth and grace. Whether read alone or in community, it will bless.

[Holy is the Day is available for purchase on Amazon. I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review.]

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