When God Disappoints

Have you ever done the hard work of obedience only to find that circumstances in your life  went from bad to worse? Today I’m talking about that over at Pick Your Portion.

What are you supposed to do when you follow through on your part of the deal, but God doesn’t show up to seal it? God’s command + Man’s obedience = Where’s the blessing? How’s one supposed to react when God can be so wildly disappointing?

Do you still taste the salt from tears you cried wondering why God didn’t show up in power at a moment ripe for his victory? Do you still feel the flush of embarrassment from the time you walked away shamed and shunned by false accusation while the wrongdoers got off scot-free? Does your heart still have cracks from the tremor of the wicked prospering, while the hard working, integrity-filled were laid-off, over-looked, and defeated?

You can read the rest over at the Pick Your Portion site. Join us there!