Tomorrow’s Hallelujah {For When You Feel Weak}

It always begins the same—a thousands specks of light converge above the right eye and break into pierces and prickles of pain coursing through my entire body. Some episodes I can muscle through, others lay me flat, as was the case this last time. From my upstairs bed I can hear the world moving on without me. The boy is bypassing breakfast in favor of Halloween candy from the entryway jar. His dad admonishes him not to slam the door, “Don’t forget, your mom isn’t feeling well.”

How I hate being the wife/mom/friend who doesn’t feel well. For several years now I’ve reluctantly accepted life with this stubborn autoimmune disorder. Because of it I have missed out on things I love. I have also seen the patience and kindness of steadfast love in the gracious care of family and friends. I lay blanketed in the woven mingle of guilt and appreciation…

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A Prayer for Sunday Morning {A William Barclay Quotable}

William Barclay penned the following prayer–may it be yours today as you receive the ministry of Word and worship:

O God, our Father, you are Truth; give us your truth.

Help us to see the truth about ourselves, that we may see ourselves as we really are, and not as we think we are.

Help us to see the truth about life, that we may see what we ought to do, and not only what we want to do.

Help us to see the truth about you, that we may really know your wisdom and your love,

so that we may trust you wholly and obey your fully: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.