The Faithful One {Marva Dawn Quotable}

“…and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness.” ~Revelation 1:5

“Jesus is called the faithful witness. The Greek word order of placing the adjective after the noun stresses the point emphatically for us in English; this is not just any testifier, but “the witness, the faithful one.” Indeed, Jesus faithfully presents to us God’s self-revelation. Everything He shows us about God is guaranteed to be true. What confidence it gives us to know that we can always trust all that Jesus has demonstrated to us in His life and teaching about God.  Just as Jesus never turned anyone away who came to Him in need, so we know that His Father always hears our prayers. Just as Jesus touched the weak with kindness and sensitivity, so we know that the Holy Spirit understands us thoroughly, no matter how desperate we are.

“We know deep in our beings that anything’s witness to itself  ought to be true–that is why it is so frustrating whenever we are deceived. When advertisements mislead us, when a friend who promises to stand beside us in a difficult time abandons us in a moment of crisis–in our reactions to such failures, we recognize how necessary it is for a witness to be faithful.

“The seer John’s declaration that Jesus is the faithful witness is the challenge that we can set before others who question Christianity’s merits. We can demonstrate from His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and sending of the Holy Spirit that Jesus is who He claimed to be. We can sketch in the First Testament His fulfillment of God’s promises for the Messiah. Jesus incarnates for us what God is like so that we can begin to grasp the infinity of Triune Love. “

~Marva Dawn, Joy in Our Weakness

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