Quit Apologizing {Jennie Allen Quotable}

Over at Gifted For Leadership, Jennie Allen has posted a powerful excerpt from her new book Restless. Part of that excerpt includes this quote:

I remember telling myself things like, I will humbly sit in the back and give other people the chance to lead. It sounds good. But I was completely disobeying God, and I wasn’t playing the part in the body of Christ that God had designed me to play. Because by using my gifts, others would be released to use their gifts, and so on.

We need to quit apologizing for using our gifts and start apologizing for not using them. I would say to myself, I am ministering to younger girls in my living room. That is enough. Greatness isn’t in size.

Of course it would have been enough, if God wasn’t calling me to something more. Some people charge mountains with no fear of themselves, and they need to check their motives. Some never take a mountain because of too much fear of themselves, and checking those motives is just as important.

She then goes on to include a heart-piercing question asked of her by a friend,

“Is God pleased with you in this?”

Three take-aways for me in this article:

1. One can never underestimate the power of a well-timed, Spirit-filled question.

2. One can never give too much thanks for the gift of bold truth-speaking friends.

3. I need to spend less time apologizing and more time answering that question.

If you are a woman {ok, this could be true for men too} who has ever struggled with gifting and the courage to be who God made you to be in the place He put you, you need to read this article…and maybe we should pick up the book, read it together, and press one another forward until we can stare that question down and say, “Yes, yes He is.”

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