Are You Blessed? {James Howell Quotable}

The notion of a divine warehouse full of packages (for me!), just waiting for me to back my station wagon up to the door and load up by simply asking is laughably problematic. But the conclusive, eighth Beatitude might teach us that if there were boxes of blessedness to be collected, we might open them and find them to contain, not neat goodies we’d hate to miss out on, but harder realities we might prefer to leave in the bay. The saints who have lived most closely to God have opened their “boxes” and discovered that following Jesus can and does leave you marginalized, ostracized, wounded, in danger, and even dead. If we try to yank out the thread of the final Beatitudes, we unravel the fabric, and think God is boxing up a little kingdom, something comforting, even a grand inheritance–forgetting that promises are for the future, not this minute, forgetting the immense cost of discipleship (James C. Howell, The Beatitudes for Today).

No matter how trying our circumstances, we are blessed. For our poverty, we will be filled. In our mourning, comforted. In our powerlessness, established. Even our hunger for righteousness will be satisfied. Hold on to hope–the King and his kingdom are at hand.

2 thoughts on “Are You Blessed? {James Howell Quotable}

  1. Brenda,
    have you not heard what the Catholics are chanting , in their prayers , “God was with Mary and Mary was blessed among women”. So the post that you wrote, does not guarantee, that you wil be bless or are blessed.
    I suggest , that you look or dig deeper about “blessed things” in the bible , before even trying to post what bit pieces of information you’ve known.


    • I’m not sure how the Catholic’s interpretation of Mary’s blessedness is related to the topic of my post. However, I appreciate your suggestion to look deeper into the scriptures as to the true nature of what it means to be blessed. I have been doing just that! In particular, Matthew 5 (The Sermon on the Mount) has been encouraging to me in that Jesus’ definition of ‘blessed’ is both a challenge to the cultural idea of ‘happiness’ and a balm for the trials of life that often confirm we are indeed experiencing true friendship with Jesus. You can look at Matthew 5:1-12 if you are interested in the context of the quote referenced in my post. Thanks for your comment.

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