About Brenda

Hi! Thanks for your visit!

I am passionate for Christ-followers to display God’s words and works as captivatingly beautiful.

I am a servant. My life has been enriched by a variety of ministerial and nonprofit roles, but currently I am working on my M.Div. (at Fuller Theological Seminar) where I am delighting in new discoveries of my Savior and Scripture. {I have a BS in Religion/Psychology with a specialization in Biblical Counseling.}

I am a teacher. My favorite subject is the Bible. I love gathering big people and little people around the Word. {Yes, I love speaking engagements! Contact me if you are looking for a teacher about faith-filled parenting or truth-filled living.)

I am a hope coach for the wounded, weary and wandering.

Sometimes I do laundry, but only when it’s absolutely imperative.

I love days spent in the garden, sharing a good meal with friends, art, and the exuberant devotion of my two Basset Hounds. I may or may not have an unhealthy relationship with coffee, chocolate, and book buying. Laughter is my favorite exercise.

I am a wife and mom. I live outside of Los Angeles in Palos Verdes with my husband of twenty-two years, where we lament how quickly our two college boys grew up.

I write about truth, beauty, and God’s goodness. Sometimes I rant about places in my life and world where Jesus should be better exalted, but isn’t. My writings are a reflection of my growing devotion to Jesus Christ and I hope that by your reading you too will grow more devoted to Him today than you were yesterday. You can find my writings here and at Pick Your Portion.

Clarity is a favorite word, second only to faithfulness. I ask too many questions. I’ve been told I’m opinionated and scrappy.

I’m living by faith, clinging to hope, and imperfectly practicing love.

I’d love to meet you.  Take a minute to tell me something about you.

CONTACT INFORMATION: You can contact me by email at accordingtosister@gmail.com. Or I would love to connect on Twitter, Instagram, of Facebook. After many years of resisting it, I’ve also finally joined Pinterest.

6 thoughts on “About Brenda

  1. I’m loving discovering your blog. What kind of Chrisitan ministry have you been involved in?
    I have been involved in various types of Christian ministry for a decade, and now in a very different season as mother my toddler and cope with being housebound from severe M.E.

    I love your thoughtful approach here and theological musings. Great to have met you on the blogosphere!

    • Tanya, welcome! I love meeting new blogo-friends.
      I have been primarily involved in family ministry: Children’s Ministry, Ministry equipping, Parent classes, and pastoral counseling. My heart is for discipleship–and I live that out through teaching Bible studies, (some women’s retreats/events) and counseling relationships…even though I’m not currently “employed” at a church, I am still very much involved in these ways of encouraging my sisters and brothers in the Lord. How about you? What was your ministry focus?
      I’m sorry to hear about your M.E. Chronic sickness is such a raw call to deeper discipleship. I’ve struggled with some autoimmune issues over the years (nothing compared to the M.E.), but I understand a little of the frustration of having ambitions that the body can’t live out. Anytime you’re feeling that cloud of discouragement or pain…send a shout out, I will gladly pray for you.
      I look forward to getting to know you and encouraging one another along the ways.
      Thanks for introducing yourself!

  2. Brenda, what a delightful outlook on life. And full of humor. I like to write devotionals with my tongue in my cheek. I have to be careful not to bleed over into the sarcastic, though. I do that too often. Hey, by the way, I love imperfectly as well. We have that in common. At this season in my life I’m becoming more serious in my blogs, though. I have some grave concerns about the state of the church today, and about the growing holocaust of abortion. I try to mix in some silly stuff along the way. I like to “hook” readers with quirky blog titles, like, “The Cow Jumped Over The What?” and Can I Borrow Your Donkey”. What a blessing it was to read your blog and about you. I’ll be back. BTW, here’s a link to my blog if you’re interested. http://stevensawyer.wordpress.com.

    • Steven, Thanks for your visit…I’m happy to make the connection. I agree there are some very serious situations requiring voices to speak boldly. I’m so glad you have a heart to do that. I will look forward to reading your blog and receiving encouragement from you. Be blessed!

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