Truth Matters

Once upon a time, there was a truth…a truth that compelled a man to leave his home and become the father of nations; a truth that birthed hope in the captives of old; a Truth that came and said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Today we have many ways, many truths…and life, well everyone is looking for the life they are not yet living.

The search for truth has always driven humans to explore knowledge and to examine life.  Truth, as found in the person, words and works of Jesus Christ, compels the devoted disciple to continue the search…to search out the dark places so that His light might shine; to search out the hypocrisy that resides in the hearts of modern day pharisees; to search out the disobedience that masquerades in polished arguments and rationalized excuses.

Candor for the life of faith is needed for us, the church, to display a robust testimony, inspiring others to “come and see!”  Coffee-shop conversations may engage others, but only courageous conviction to the reality of truth (not in word…but action!) will be worthy of consideration.

Where do the truths of Christ’s words not match the priorities and practices of my heart?  In yours?  Let’s discuss and encourage one another to press into the image of  Truth in each of us until His love and mercy, His justice, and His peace bear the fruit of His holiness in our lives.

2 thoughts on “Truth Matters

  1. The truth is, is that truth seeking can be exhausting, and sometimes I need the grace to rest in my Saviors arms and enjoy being held. When there, I know His purposes will be fulfilled in me because of who He is, not because of who I am. So grateful to have a savior who truly saves me, even from myself.

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