The Theater of the Glory of God {Craddock Quotable}

“Sharper than any earthly two-edged sword, the speech of God knifes through the curtain between heaven and earth…The sword is so sharp that it can separate even the ‘soul from the spirit,’ dividing between what really matters and what seems to matter. No one can hide from this speech act of God; the word God unveils every human life, laid bare before the eyes of God. The word of God takes an ordinary day and makes it ‘today,’ takes an ordinary moment and makes it the time of crisis and decision, takes an ordinary event and makes it the theater of the glory of God, takes a routine life and calls it to holiness.” ~Fred B. Craddock, Hebrews

Who will you listen to today? Will you continue to be confused about what really matters or will you listen to His voice? Will you live in the ordinary routine of just another day or in the today’s theater of His glory?